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Cinderella Phenomenon Character Contest

*UPDATED: Jan 7, 2018*

Welcome to Dicesuki’s first contest!

Contest Deadline

January 13, 2018

Contest Categories

Art: Design your own cursed “Cinderella Phenomenon” character (Full Body), then provide a brief explanation of their Fairytale Curse and the conditions for breaking it. Both digital and traditional art are accepted.
Writing: Write a short backstory for your original character that includes specifics of their curse: how/why they were given the Fairytale Curse and the requirements for breaking it. Include a short scenario that illustrates their character and curse in better detail. Description for physical appearance is not mandatory. Kooriiko will ask the winner about the description for the prize later on. Word Count: 500-1500 words for overall writing.


  • You can submit your entry to any site/social media but please send us a link to your submission via email at
  • You don’t have to publish your entry online if you don’t want to. But if you do publish them on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, or any social media with the hashtag feature, please use the #CPContest hashtag.
  • We will only accept Fairy tales or Folktales for the curse. Myths, ghost stories, etc won’t be accepted. Please indicate what tale you used for your entry. If you’re not sure about your chosen tale, just ask us about it.
  • You are allowed to include Cinderella Phenomenon characters as acquiantances in your OC’s backstories and scenarios, but they cannot be related in any way that defies the canon or implies that they are friends, family or lovers.
  • Please make sure to set your story in the Cinderella Phenomenon universe. If you need to name a specific location, please make sure it is a location in Angielle or Brugantia. If you do not want to set the story IN the kingdom, you can use an unnamed location in the general vicinity e.g. “In a small village in Angielle”, etc. Modern setting is not allowed.
  • If you need references, you can check out the following links:
  • The work must be original. Plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.
  • For the sake of fairness, only new Cinderella Phenomenon characters will be accepted as entries. (Please do not use a Cinderella Phenomenon character/concept that you have already published)  
  • Participants can submit more than one (1) entry.  
  • There will be one winner per category (Art and Writing). Participants can join both categories, but they can only win in one.  
  • Any edits made to your entry past the deadline will not be taken into consideration.


First place winners will receive the following prizes:

  • A copy of the Cinderella Phenomenon Fandisk on the release date. 
  • A CG drawn by Cinderella Phenomenon’s artist, Kooriiko, featuring your original character with one (1) of the characters from the game in a requested scenario. 

*NEW: One runner-up from each category will win the Cinderella Phenomenon Fandisk.

We wish you the best of luck! If you have any questions, please contact us via one of our social media accounts.

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