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Contest Prizes Update + Important Note

Good day, everyone! 

Only a few days left before the deadline! Due to the amount of entries we’ve received, we’ve added 1 (one) runner-up in each category and you may check it HERE. On another note, please make sure to submit your entry to our e-mail, before the deadline. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to count it. 

The entries are available for public viewing in the link below. We’ve compiled them all for easy viewing and this will be regularly updated. If you didn’t see your entry despite receiving a reply from us via email, then please let us know. Otherwise, if you still haven’t received an email acknowledging your entry, then we haven’t checked them yet. If you would like to re-submit or update your entry, feel free to do so within the contest duration, but please let us know of any changes.


Thank you again for participating and we wish you the best of luck!

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