1.) What is the Right Choice Indicator? What does it look like? Why doesn’t it appear? Does the presence of a crystal mean I’m wrong or right?

   The Right Choice Indicator (RCI) appears as a crystal on the upper-right corner of the screen and uses the magic sound effect as soon as it appears. It only appears when you make the right choice;Otherwise, selecting the wrong choice won’t make it appear at all. It does not appear immediately so keep an eye out for it after making your choice. Here is an example of it appearing on-screen:

2.) How do I obtain the “Guided by Intuition” Achievement?

   The “Guided by Intuition” Achievement is unlocked when you get any good end without depending on the RCI. Make sure to have it disabled it before the playthrough.


3.) My game either crashes or gets an error when I make use of the Fast-Forward mode.
 It’s an error that is easily remedied by re-opening the game. The glitch is caused by a uncommon error in the current version of the game engine we use.







1.) I want to know more about what happens to Lucette and [insert Love Interest’s name here] after their good ending.
 As promised in our Kickstarter, a fandisk will be in development after the release of Cinderella Phenomenon. It takes place after the events of the original game. More information can be found here, though be warned that it’s still subject to change.


2.) How old are the characters? When are their birthdays? How tall are they?
Lucette: 17 | May 7 | 5’5″
Waltz: 22 | July 3 | 6’1″
Fritz: 21 | Sept 10 | 5’9″
Karma: 19 | Oct 21 | 5’8″
Rumpel: 24 | Dec 12 | 6’0″
Rod: 16 | Jun 18 | 5’6″


3.) Is Waltz the true route?


4.) Will there be a route for Mythros, Varg, Emelaigne or any other character aside the 5 boys?
 We don’t have plans to include them tomorrow and there’s no chance we’ll update Cinderella Phenomenon with an additional route.



Merchandise Etc.




1.) Will Cinderella Phenomenon be available for mobile?
 It will only be available for the Android port and take note that there is no set date for its release yet. There are no plans of having it ported to the iOS due to lack of resources.


2.) Will you distribute the soundtrack used in-game?
The providers that provided the music used in-game aside from the opening and ending song do not allow redistribtuion of their products which is why we provided a music room.


3.) I wasn’t able to back Cinderella Phenomenon during its funding campaign period. Is it still possible to purchase any of the Kickstarter rewards?  
Only the fandisk and a public release version of the artbook which does not include commentary, concept sketches, and exclusive artwork will be sold. Rewards such as the love letters, keychains and the Kickstarter-exclusive digital artbook will not be available to non-backers.


4.) Will you allow fan merchandise of Cinderella Phenomenon?
 Yes. We will under the condition that it isn’t factory made or mass-produced.


5.) I’ve purchased the Cinderella Phenomenon Artbook on Steam but I couldn’t seem to access it once it’s downloaded. How could I access it?
 Right-click the “Cinderella Phenomenon” button. Then, select Properties, then Local Files, and finally, “Browse Local Files”. There should be a PDF among the folders.