About the Team

Dicesuki specializes in dating simulation games that often feature dark undertones. The group was formed in mid-2014 by KooRiiko and Stiraxis during the final stages of Dicesuki’s first otome game, “Locked Heart”. Eventually, Tajina became an addition to the team during the production of “Cinderella Phenomenon.” Currently, the three masochists strive to create engaging games that go beyond and above traditional otome.

Team Members

KooRiiko πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­
Founding Director

Kooriiko has always loved to make stories and has been writing stories (that will never see the light of day). She only found out about otome games a few years back when she played Persona P3P which has some otome elements in it. That’s when she discovered the existence of otome games and visual novels full of indescribably beautiful men. Unfortunately, the lack of English games only deprived her need to play one, thus she decided to make her own instead. As she has an array of concepts lined up for future projects, she takes the lead in directing the creation of these games. Her duties in Dicesuki also include art, script writing, graphic design and script programming. She is intent on making her stories come to life with these games that people will enjoy.

Sitraxis πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­
Odd-job Programmer

Otherwise well known as Tris or Trissia, Sitraxis has been playing otome games as one of her past times during her college days. The X in her alias represents the variety of talents she has such as illustration, animation, character design and layouts as it is her name jumbled with the letter X. An application of her skillset can be seen in her duties for Dicesuki as she is also in charge of co-creating GUIs, developing concepts, translating graphics to codes, proofreading and marketing. She dreams of revolutionizing the narrative industry with substantial and deep characters. Since the plots– no, not THAT plot– of the stories she comes up with tend to become long and complicated for a visual novel, Dicesuki is one of the opportunities she maximizes to fulfill her dream.

Tajina πŸ‡°πŸ‡Ό πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Writer & Editor

Tajina, formally known as Chelsea Abdullah, is a strange enigma of a person that has been writing in the dark void of her bedroom and secretly crafting creative work ever since she figured out Microsoft Word existed. She has a tendency to write spontaneously and with startling bursts of excitement that quickly fade into angst and madness when the unexpected happens. It is an honor for her to be a writer and co-editor for Dicesuki, as her hobbies all revolve around the creative work she does on a daily basis. Her writing goals for Dicesuki include making characters pop off the page, dropping players off of (harmless) cliffhangers and crafting story lines that entice and excite players.


1.) May I join the team?
  We spontaneously look for volunteers on Lemmasoft Forums or our blog so keep an eye out for that! We normally look for writers, musicians and background artists so feel free to send us a link to your portfolio so we could keep a tab on your work in our future projects.

2.) What are your future projects?
  Please use your inside voices! Actually, we won’t announce our projects until we’re finished with the draft and sprites of our visual novels. Just keep up with our blog in the meantime because you’ll never know when we’re going to add an update there! πŸ˜‰

3.) I have reviewed/featured/done a playthrough one of your games on my website/social media accounts!
  Thank you so much! We really appreciate gestures like these and would really love to see it so kindly send us a link through our contact form. As long you have not claimed the game yours, you are allowed to have the post up.

4.) What softwares have you used to create your games?
  We use the visual novel engine, Ren’py so the games we make could be played on Windows, Mac and Linux. For graphics, we employ the use of Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop, & Clip Studio Pro.

5.) I would like to be your affiliate. Are there any requirements I should take note of?

  Thank you for your interest, however, please take note that accept websites focused on game development and visual novels. Affeli.us is an exception as we have collaborated on WordPress Theme Integration.

About the Website

The website layout is on its first version. It has been designed by Sitraxis and KooRiiko and has been programmed by Sitraxis with the assistance of Lysianthus in its WordPress Theme Integration and modifications. We have employed the use of Flickity for our homepage. We are proudly hosted by the Visual Novel Initiative.